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TGS Sa’ar is an independent member of TGS. As a separate and independent legal entity of TGS, TGS Sa’ar is solely responsible for the work it carries out and services it proved to its clients. TGS and the other member of the network are not responsible and have no liability for the acts or omissions of TGS Sa’ar and TGS Sa’ar has no liability for the acts or omissions of other member firms
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At TGS Sa’ar, we have many unique talents and abilities, but only one mission: to help your firm make everyday financial operations simple and effective.


The best experts and expertise are hosted at the channel’s studio by accountant Elisha Saar. Current events of tax, tax updates, tax planning and more.

International Accounting

TGS is a dynamic global business network specialising in the provision of accounting, audit, tax and commercial legal services.